February 28, 2024

Greater Irvine Chamber Supports Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act

The Greater Irvine Chamber has advocated for legislation in favor of the Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act (H.R.6929).

Greater Irvine Chamber Interim President & CEO Dave Coffaro has asked in a letter to U.S. Senators Laphonza Butler (D-Calif.) and Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) for their yes vote to pass this bill.

The Affordable Connectivity Program, established in the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, provides a monthly voucher for lower-income Americans to buy internet service. By making internet access affordable, the program has brought millions of Americans into the 21st-century economy, connecting them to digital banking, telehealth, remote work opportunities, online education, and untold other benefits. Entrepreneurs previously shut out from the digital economy can now launch online businesses, reach new markets, and connect with customers worldwide.

To date, almost 23 million American households have enrolled in the program, particularly benefiting seniors, veterans, and rural and urban communities. However, the funding for the ACP expires this April, risking the ability of millions of Americans to remain online. This bipartisan legislation serves as a crucial bridge to maintain certainty for ACP recipients and internet providers while Congress works to establish long-term authorization and appropriate sufficient funding for the program.

In California today, 2,794,572 households are enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program, and every Congressional District in California has benefitted from the program. That’s about one in five households in the state.

California has received $1,301,075,460 in funding from the Affordable Connectivity Program. That means California families are saving about $74.2 million total each month.

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