November 1, 2023

John Wayne Airport’s Economic Impact Exceeds $5.7 Billion in 2022

John Wayne Airport (JWA) has released the results of its comprehensive Economic Impact Study for calendar year 2022, showcasing the Airport’s substantial contributions to Orange County’s economy. As a vital transportation hub in Southern California, JWA creates local jobs, generates state and local tax revenue, and produces income and revenue for residents and businesses.

The Economic Impact Study examines various impact types, including direct aviation activities, capital expenditures, traveler spending, indirect impacts from direct impact sectors, and induced impacts from employee spending within the local economy. Key findings from the study include:

  • Total Impact: JWA contributed more than $5.7 billion to the Orange County economy in 2022, comprising $3.4 billion in direct impacts, $1.2 billion in indirect impacts, and $1.2 billion in induced impacts.
  • Employment: The total employment impact exceeded 45,000 jobs, with $2.3 billion in labor income. Direct employment impacts exceeded 32,000 jobs, resulting in $1.4 billion in labor income.
  • Value-Added: The Airport generated $3.5 billion in value-added contributions to the economy, measuring JWA’s impact on the local production of labor and goods.
  • State and Local Taxes: Total contributions exceeded $352 million in state and local taxes.

JWA achieved these impressive results operating as an enterprise fund. All costs to construct, operate, and maintain the Airport are generated by the Airport through airline, concession and parking revenues, and various grants. There are no city, County, or state general funds used.

“Aviation is essential to the connection and strength of our local economy, reaching far beyond the airfield, supporting over 45,000 jobs, and stimulating revenue through capital expenditures and traveler spending,” said Charlene Reynolds, Airport Director. “This study highlights the positive impacts John Wayne Airport has on Orange County’s economy and the agency’s critical role in providing economic opportunity, capital value, and long-term investment for the residents and businesses of the area.”

In 2022, JWA served over 11.3 million passengers, including more than 314,000 international travelers, while air cargo exceeded 34.6 million pounds. The Airport recorded 304,000 aircraft operations, with general aviation (privately-owned aircraft) comprising 202,000 operations and commercial operations accounting for 101,000.

The Economic Impact Study also highlights the Airport’s critical role in providing efficient and accessible air transportation to the region. JWA is the closest commercial airport for 88% of Orange County residents, significantly reducing ground access times and costs. The availability of more than 40 non-stop flights further enhances time savings and convenience for travelers, with 71% of domestic passengers opting for non-stop services.

Additionally, JWA’s accessibility and services support various sectors, including technology, healthcare, aerospace, education, tourism, and trade. As Orange County’s sole commercial airport, JWA is essential in stimulating local businesses, promoting economic development, and providing convenient air travel.

The economic contributions of JWA extend to general aviation users, businesses, and industries reliant on air transportation, demonstrating the Airport’s versatile impact on the region.

The complete Economic Impact Study, conducted in 2023 based on 2022 activity, providing a comprehensive overview of JWA’s contributions to Orange County, is available online. For more information, please visit

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